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Computing Facilities




Operating systems: Winows XP, 
Windows-2000 server Application 
Software ideas9, Solid Edge , Turbo c++


LAN, internet Access

Major Equipments

  • Characteristics of MOSFET
  • Transistor characteristics
  • Char. Semi conductor diode
  • Char. Of Zener Diode
  • Half Wave Rectifier Circuit and Full Wave Rectifier Circuit with & without filter
  • Hartley Oscillator
  • Characteristics of FET
  • Colpitt Oscillator
  • Negative Feedback Amplifier
  • 8085  Microprocessor Trainer Kits
  • 8085 kits with power supply
  • 8085 trainer kit xpo-85
  • 8255 study card
  • 8253 study card
  • Buffers and decoders
  • Traffic light controller study card
  • Buffers and decoders
  • Traffic light controller study card
  • SMPS for 8085 kit
  • I.C. Function Tester
  • Photoresist dip coating machine
  • PCB curing machine proto drill 2000
  • PCB drilling machine proto drill 2000
  • Upgraded MT-Klystron Basic and Mt-Gunn setup with Basic to advance configuration.(Model No: MT-ADVANCE)
  • Polar Pattern and Gain Characteristics of Horn Antenna. (Model No: MT-Antenna)
  • 100MHz 1 GS/s Color Digital Storage Oscilloscope with FFT. (Model No: DSO 100 CIG)


  • Text Books
  • Journals
  • Project Reports
  • Seminars Reports


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